About the company

We have years of manufacturing experience, and exceptionally skilled cigar rollers, produce not only the highest quality cigars, but also a rich, magnificent aroma and a smoother taste, which is pleasing to the most discerning cigar enthusiast.

Our goal and commitment at DG CIGARS DISTRIBUTORS are to produce high-quality hand-rolled cigars, a process that starts atour own tobacco plantations and factory in Jalapa, Nicaragua to our warehouse and sales office headquarters in Tampa, Florida.  Nicaragua is considered one of the most competitive cigar manufacturers in the world in terms of quality.

Our blends follow legendary cigar-making traditions with the use of a well-balanced mix of selected varieties of Cuban Pilot, Dominican and Nicaraguan Ligero and a perfect combination of Cuban seeded tobacco leaves from Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic or Brazil, which have been cured under the supervision of our cigar experts. The ageing process used for our tobacco gives our cigars hits of complex aromas that mingle with the finest and impeccable wrappers.

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