Our Company

DG Cigars Distributors has been in the market since 2015 as a wholesale cigar distributor, seeking to provide liquor, convenience stores, and cigar shops with high-quality cigars in bundles that can be sold at a very competitive price, without sacrificing the exigent taste of the cigar smokers. We offer a great selection of blends and shapes with special characteristics that make them unique and enjoyable that first-time smokers and brand loyalists alike will enjoy.

The Cigars

Our House Brand, carefully aged and hand-rolled, delivers a deep, complex, and unforgettable smoke amongst our aficionados.

Wrapped in newspaper, rated as the top of our line is a combination of the best-aged leaves with the perfect blend of flavor and bouquet. And the secret to its rich flavor lies in the patient and careful choosing of the wrapper and fillers.

Special Cigars with Design

The Special Cigars with designed wrappers (from top to bottom), arranged using different combinations of cured leaves and wrappers depending on the pattern.  (Maduro, Candela, Connecticut, Seco Esteli, viso Jalapa, Seco Ometepe, Binder Nicaraguan).


These cigars are crafted with care and showcase a smooth range of flavors that come from using high-quality blends of filler and binders. 

Long Filler

These Long Filler cigars have Nicaraguan filler, combined with Cuban Pilot, Ecuador Ligero, and Dominican Capote, and come in 5 different wrappers, Connecticut, Habano, Maduro, Candela and Barber Pole.

Short Filler

Order these naked sandwich bundles (cigars without ring), at great prices in the following shapes:  Churchill, Toro Gordo, Robusto, Sublime, Torpedo, Toro in 3 different blends, Connecticut, Habano and Maduro.

The Process

High quality hand-rolled cigars
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